“Learn How to Sell Your Land Fast By Owner and Online”

So much has changed in the last 20 years in real estate and most real estate agents are still doing real estate the same old way. 20 years ago, real estate agents had an almost manonpoly on the real estate market by virtue of the MLS (Multiple Listing Service). When the MLS was created it was amazing as it connected both buyers and sellers together. It brought people who needed a buyer, a buyer, for the property they were selling and for this small task the agents made thousands or sometimes millions of dollars on a single deal, for bringing a buyer they did not even know prior to the sale.

So much has changed with the internet, social media, free listing sites, numerous direct “internet based” resources and access to “direct buyers” like USALandLiquidators.com. Having access to a “direct buyer” is essential in selling land in this modern day, as there just isn’t many “real land buyers” out there. Real Estate Agents always claim to have a “direct buyer” ready to go in a moments notice once you sign the listing agreement but then you find out that the “direct buyers” were not interested in your property after the agreement is signed but now we will list it on MLS and wait to see if another real estate agent has a “direct buyer” that is interested in your specific property and the waiting game begins. As there are so many more land deals available on the MLS, internet listing sites, craigslist and on and on… way more lands available than there are buyers, by far, finding a “direct buyer” can be like finding a needle in a haystack. So the real estate agent begins the excuses and a multitude of strategies to keep the property listed for as long as possible in the hopes that a real buyer magically pops up with more time. They say “well I know I told you I thought the land would sell for $X when we signed the listing agreement and that sounded good then but now we must drastically reduce the price in order to entice buyers to take a look at this specific property”. So the price goes down and down (this is their marketing strategy) but still no “direct buyer” access or offers. Sound Familiar?

Well, if you are reading this post, then you know the value of finding your own “direct buyer”. Having your own “direct buyer” gives you enormous power in that everyone says they have “direct buyers” until it comes time to produce them, then you find out that they do not have any real “direct buyers” that can buy just about any land type or acreage. Imagine having the telephone and email to one of the largest “direct buyers” in the world and they take your calls and emails as a matter of importance. A “Direct Buyer” who has cash and entire teams of experts that are complete professionals at getting even the most complicated land deals closed in days. The good news is you have already done the necessary work to produce your very own “direct buyer” by using the internet, as you should, to find your own “direct buyers”. USALandLiquidators.com is now your personal “direct buyer” with loads of experience, cash and teams of experts that can easily handle any situation.

You might ask… “can USALandLiquidators.com really buy lands, farms, ranches, residential lots, commercial lands and agricultural lands this quick and easily?” The answer is YES but a lot depends on you, the seller. If you are demanding full retail value and all cash, then we would not be the best match BUT if you are negotiable and flexible on your price, then we are sure we can create a win-win offer that makes sense to both the seller and buyer (USALandLiquidators.com). CONGRATULATIONS on finding your own “buyer direct” and your experts are standing by now… just complete the online “land sales form” and your “direct buyer” will call you immediately. We look forward to our mutually beneficial business together.